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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Teachers: What Your School Can Do

We may not be able to pick a weapon and fight the war, but often our prayers, especially communal prayers, are just as, if not more, powerful.

I received the following email today:
"Dear Teachers

The current conflict in Israel affects all of the Jewish people and the best way we can respond is to come together in a spirit of Achdus to daven for Klal Yisroel. The prayers of children are more likely to open the shaarei shamayim and we have undertaken to unite the Jewish people in a nationwide ‘Children’s Tehillim’ session. This has been given the blessing by many Rabbanim within the community.

Jewish children across the country [UK] will be saying tehillim in their schools this Friday 21st between 9:00-10:30am and we ask your school to kindly participate as well. Each school can decide whether they want say the tehillim in assembly or in individual classes. We have been advised that the best tehillim to say are numbers 121 and 130. This should be followed by Acheinu Bnei Yisroel which can be found immediately before Yehalleku in the Chol Shacharis. (In addition, numbers 6, 13, 20 22,30,79,83 and 142 are also appropriate to be said at this time of crisis. This is left to your individual discretion dependant on the age of your pupils and the amount of time you feel is appropriate for this ). Some schools are also organising words of chizuk (inspiration) to be said during a special assembly."
Wherever in the world you are, I hope your school can be part of this communal prayer and hopefully together we will make a difference and help bring peace as soon as possible .

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Blogger AMSHINOVER said ... (10:58 PM) : 

please help

The situation in Tzfat is desperate and there are families living with no electricity, who have absolutely no food at all! Even if they tried to buy some, most stores are closed. Ezer L'Shabbos is getting food from a supermarket on credit, but can't for much longer without paying. They also have to pay to have it delivered since most of their volunteers have left Tzfat. Sadly, the most vulnerable - large families with small children, Baali Teshuva without family support systems, are the ones left behind and are suffering. Please make checks out to Ezer L'shabbos and get them to Shloma Edelstein or drop them off in the mailbox or Pushka at Rabbi Twerski's shul (Ateres Shloime- corner of E29th & K). You can also mail checks made out to Ezer L'Shabbos to: Tzfat Emergency Fund c/o Ordinal, 1412 Avenue M #2467, Brooklyn NY 11230.

Thank You and in this zechus may Hashem have rachmonus on klall yisroel


Blogger Ezzie said ... (11:18 PM) : 

Added to the other post - thanks Amshi.


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